Why Coronavirus is killing your complexion?

Coronavirus has brought dramatic changes in our lives. The stay at home orders has spiked our stress level enormously. Our quarantine routine has affected our social life, mental health, and skin complexion as well. Most of us might not have the clear skin we used to before the COVID pandemic. Several factors are responsible for our dull skin, such as breakouts and dryness. These may have occurred due to the following reasons:


Stress is linked to several skin issues, such as acne. It stimulates the overproduction of sebum oil in the sebaceous glands. Emotional and financial instability during the global pandemic adds to the stress, which causes acne flare-up. Anxiety and stress are difficult to control in such desperate times.

Diet Changes

Undoubtedly most of us are relying on unhealthy snacks and comfort food during the quarantine. However, diet is essential to get enough energy and nutrients to kill harmful micro-organisms. Our skin and gut are closely related, so whatever we eat is reflected on our surface. An unhealthy and unbalanced gut environment can aid the release of toxins in the bloodstream, which may cause flare-ups and breakouts.

Sleep Habits

Now that most of us have started to work from home, our sleep-wake cycle is wholly disturbed, which also affects our skin. Most of us lack a proper sleep cycle that leads to an increased level of cortisol, which is also a cause of breakouts as it affects our sebaceous glands.

Blue Light Effect

To kill time and anxiety, we all have maximized the use of our tabs, laptops, and smartphones. It affects the optimum activity of our brain. Blue light can also lead to macular degeneration as it penetrates deep into the retina. It can cause migraine and headache, which affects the body’s overall health. It is one of the biggest reasons for the disturbed sleep-wake cycle. All these problems lead to a dull and gloomy complexion.  

How to Take Care of your Skin during Global Pandemic?

So here are a few quicks ways to uplift your complexion and keep your skin healthy.


Cleansing helps in removing excess oil, dirt, and debris. It also keeps terrible micro-organisms away. 


Moisturizing is beneficial for dryness or oily skin. It reduces the chances of inflammatory conditions such as acne, keeping the complexion just the way you want.

CBD to relieve stress

CBD helps in alleviating the symptoms of stress and anxiety. It also helps in treating post-traumatic stress disorder. CBD is also useful in reducing insomnia. A combination of CBD and melatonin is an effective remedy for fixing the sleep-wake cycle.

Drink ample amount of water

Using Silk or Satin Pillowcase Regular pillowcases produce friction between the fabric and the skin, which results in wrinkles. Using silk pillowcases will minimize the risk of wrinkled skin.

Limit your screen time

To avoid the harmful effects of blue light, try to limit your screen time and indulge in healthy activities such as book reading, gardening, or chess. 

Wrap Up

Several factors are affecting our bright and fresh skin during the pandemic. Little changes in our routine can bring back our glowing skin with an entirely fresh look. Make yourself comfortable at home and take this quarantine life as the new normal. 

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