Plant Science

CBD is one of many ingredients we use to bring balance to your skin. While CBD is our star ingredient, we know it takes a synergistic formula to achieve healthy, happy skin. Our custom blends are crafted using two-factor authentication between our licensed aesthetician and credentialed formulator. 


We are proud to be aesthetician created and approved. We understand how the skin is affected by the products we use, and the ingredients that we use to make them.

We are committed

At VIRV, our authenticity is apparent in our products, and in our Co-Founders’ creative attitudes towards life. We love skincare and hope that our joy and creativity will shine through our products.


Our CBD and all of our other plant extracts are sustainably and organically sourced. We ship materials as eco-friendly as possible.


We always show ALL current ingredients in our formulas on our website. Our formulas are original to us.


In life and business, integrity is paramount to who we are. We make products that we are proud of.